Text 31 Aug 3 notes

Anonymous said: please post the avenged sevenfold n00dz u have?

I don’t have any

Text 31 Aug 4 notes

Anonymous said: Like seriously.. Post the pictures of Matt already!! Us fans have been waiting for this forever!!! The chick said on another blog she sent them in so pleaaaase post!! Either you or the other blog she sent them to needs to post. This is torture lol.


Text 28 Aug 2 notes

Anonymous said: Will you post the M shadows noodz?

If I get them

Text 28 Aug 2 notes

Anonymous said: Where's dat fuck with andy Biersacks actual nude

I don’t know

Text 28 Aug 3 notes

Anonymous said: I have pics from when I had sex with Matt from Avenged Sevenfold. They aren't exactly "nudes", and I've cropped them a lot because I don't want to be seen in the photos, and I'd like to do it anonymously if possible. (And no, I'm not going to send you this then never send them in. I think it's time people realize they DO still hook up with girls, because their fans seem to think they don't) he's an awesome fuck, and massive, and you can clearly tell we r fucking in the pic.

Send them in man but shit didn’t think he would cheat on his wife

Photo 24 Aug 33 notes Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack

Text 24 Aug 2 notes

Anonymous said: Why do you always come off rude whenever you talk to people on here?

How do I come off rude? Pretty much all my answers are just one word? So sorry I’m rude to people that are just being annoying or I don’t have the time to write a massive fuck off answer to everyone because my life doesn’t revolve around this blog and I actually have things to do

Text 23 Aug 5 notes

Anonymous said: Did you see Ghost's latest snapchat? Holy shit..

All the porn?

Text 23 Aug

hiimrachellewis said: I sent in the Marilyn Manson pic like.. 4 weeks ago. Did you not get it?

I posted it

Text 23 Aug

bandnudesss said: Post one of Andy?

I ain’t got any

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