Text 28 Feb 5 notes

Anonymous said: bandmembersgonewild is now finest-of-bands, they're mostly just a shirtless band blog.

Alright? I’m so confused I know like none of this

Text 28 Feb 1 note

Anonymous said: oh, what happened to that other band nude blog? like the full story

I don’t know?

Text 28 Feb 5 notes

Anonymous said: was your old URL bandmembersgonewild?

Noooooo always been this URL

Photo 27 Feb 51 notes Jayy Von Monroe

Jayy Von Monroe

Photo 27 Feb 297 notes Jesse Ruthorford

Jesse Ruthorford

Text 27 Feb 24 notes

chelsealikesroses said: I just watched the Justin Hills masturbation video... Life just got so much better. His dick is beautiful.

I’m glad I made your life better

Text 27 Feb 4 notes

highway2hell- said: Can you send me the links to the taylor momsen ones?


Text 27 Feb

Anonymous said: omfg can you post more Taylor Momsen nudeys

I can’t find anymore :(

Text 27 Feb

Anonymous said: Do you have any other dahvie vanity nudes

I don’t I’m sorry

Text 27 Feb 12 notes

reaperxproof said: Danny's dick looks smaller than the phone tbh.

Oh well it’s about how you use it not size

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