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tjsuicide said: OMG! We have the same birthday!! (x I'm June 25, 1996!

You’re one year older than me

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Anonymous said: ily


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Anonymous said: we have the same birthday???????

Do we? June 25th?

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Anonymous said: I can confirm that is Austin's n00d. I used to be friends with Gielle when she was with Austin and after they broke up (I stopped being friends with him) she showed me that exact photo saying it was taken ages ago before he got his leg tattoos.

Well thank you

Photo 16 Mar 172 notes Andy biersack has his bulge showing in this webshow he does

Andy biersack has his bulge showing in this webshow he does

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Anonymous said: Can I submit jaime from ptv?

Of course

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Anonymous said: I've got a new Danny worsnop one, he's in his pants but you see his bulge and it looks bigger than I expected and it's sexy tbh. Can I have the submission link please?:)


Photo 10 Mar 57 notes Jayy Von Monroe

Jayy Von Monroe

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loveperfectnonsense said: Follow me back? c: Your blog is amaze balls c"x

Sorry this is like my side blog so I don’t follow anyone on it but thanks for loving it

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nikki-von-vanity said: So I'm going thru your blog (which I absolutely love btw) and I see my THIRD COUSIN JEROD BOYD'S DICK I ALMOST CRIED I CANT LOOK AT HIM NOW. ;-;

WELLLLL THEN I’m sorry for you but hey you’re related to a famous guy ;)

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