Text 20 Mar 2 notes

Anonymous said: Do you have Ashley Purdy?

Not fully naked

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alexgaskarthsboner said: I have Andy Biersacks buldge. Want?


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bvbarmyforevas said: Where do you get your pics and do you think some of the people like Jinxx know lol?????

What’s with the last question?

Photo 19 Mar 70 notes JINXX BVB


Photo 18 Mar 58 notes Andrew Rasmussen (Astral Blood)

Andrew Rasmussen (Astral Blood)

Photo 18 Mar 122 notes JINXX (BVB) Sammi Doll

JINXX (BVB) Sammi Doll

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tjsuicide said: OMG! We have the same birthday!! (x I'm June 25, 1996!

You’re one year older than me

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Anonymous said: ily


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Anonymous said: we have the same birthday???????

Do we? June 25th?

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Anonymous said: I can confirm that is Austin's n00d. I used to be friends with Gielle when she was with Austin and after they broke up (I stopped being friends with him) she showed me that exact photo saying it was taken ages ago before he got his leg tattoos.

Well thank you

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